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We offer quality Pharmacy Software required to manage Pharmacy with a greater precision and speed being in the industry over 27 years. Our products include quality Medical Software’s such as Trade Plus, Trade ERP with a main intention to simplify the tedious and time consuming manual task of pharmacist and help them to improve their business by bringing convenience to their business and help them to attain a great profit with an ease, speed and accuracy. In order to compete, a Medical Retailer who wants to be competitive must computerize. Computers bring order the, otherwise chaotic, way a retailer runs his business. A Unique software having facility to accept preprinted Barcode. On making a thorough study of retailers where our Medical Software’s were used, it was found that there was large saving in the operational costs. As our Pharmacy Software’s was being implemented at these retail counters; there was a onetime instant reduction of inventory. This decrease occurred as non-moving and slow moving items were identified and removed from the stock. A major decrease also came from removal of expired items in stock.

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