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The Complete windows based software

  • Modules totally covering all aspects of chemist operations. 100% conversion from manual to computer based operation.
  • No need to employ computer operator. It is program to be operated totally using one key. Requires no special computer training.
  • Easy movement from one module to another. Also allows editing and correction of entries made before bill printing.
  • Software developed by specialists who understand both chemist operations & advanced software programming.
  • Investment on computer and software is recovered within 4 months through savings on computerization of operations
  • Full technical support till system is totally operational.
  • 27 years in the market over 5000+ satisfied customers. We have pan India presence.

Some of The excellent features of Software

Multiuser ,Internet ,Barcode & SMS enable,Comprehensive reporting
Purchase :-
Automatic listing of the out of stock products.
All purchase statements of any distributors can be reviewed
EDE- purchase (automatic purchase bills entry) facility between Retailers & Distributor
Raise Purchase Requests and monitor their status
Min/Max Level wise Purchase Request
Sales wise Purchase Request
Distributor wise Purchase Request
Purchase Invoice for Goods in, Purchase Statements
Upload/Download Purchase Requests
Accept Purchase Requests (in Distributors package)
Sales :-
Easy management of cash/credit sales for busy counters. Special rates for hospitals, institutions etc. is possible, tally of cash box amount at any given moment of the day.
Cash/Credit Sales – Counter, Outstation, Hospital, Institutional Sales.
Raise bills for Sales conducted, Tally the Cash
Patient wise Sales.
Stocks :-
Appropriate stocks of every product can be managed well in advance.
Information about near expiry products & reduction of investments by 25% in your inventory.
Opening Stock, Stock Adjustments, Branch In, Godown
Manage Breakage, expiry and Non-moving items
Internal Stock Transfer (Warehouse to Shop)
Accounts :-
Complete management of credit & debit notes, bank passbook, slip book as well as virtual bank account is manageable. Total management of accounts upto the balance sheet is possible.
Define Creditors, Debtors, Banks and other Accounts
Cash/Cheque receipts/payments & JV for adjustments
Bank Reconciliation, Slip Book, Bounced Cheques
Powerful Accounts status in Reports
Reports :-
More than 100 detailed reports for sales, purchase, stocks and accounts, reports on shelf wise stock, product wise profit percentage is possible. Special reports on non-moving stocks & expiry details.
Reports of Master data on Products, Shelf, Operators, and Salesman etc. defined in the database.
Expiry Reports.
Reports on Sales, Purchase, Stocks and Accounts right from daily cash to final accounts reports like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
Review Reports
GST Reports.
Administration :-
Easy to Install and maintain
Manage Users and Privileges
Back up and Restore facilities
Add-on Modules :-
Barcode Interface - makes transactions more efficient and fast Barcode System (Own and Readymade)
Hospital Module - for Retailers associated with a hospital

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