TradePlus - General purpose Overview and features

TradePlus TPGP : Windows Application

TradePlus TPGP is a standalone as well as multi user application developed for Retail Traders to automate their business transactions, maintain Stock Inventory, Purchase, Sales and Accounts.

Platform and Technologies used:

TradePlus TPGP application developed using and its backend Database design is developed using SQL server2005.

This is a Windows base application. This application is designed for retail traders in variety of different business.

• TradePlus TPGP will help clients to computerize all business functions such as: Computerized sales bills, Sales management, Purchase management, Inventory management, Financial accounting management, Management reports, Goods expiry Management, Client relationship management, Product information etc.

Genuine Windows based Software having Multiuser, Barcode, Multi-printer, Internet facility.

With this Application some applications like exporting of reports to PDF, Excel format, Mailing of reports, are also available.

Hardware Requirements :

In addition to the above, We have achieved big success, in improving overall performance speed, Data validation, stability and integration.

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