A simple Secret to make profits via Inventory & Accounting Management !


Dava Infotech offers  Dava Plus Software- a simple secret to make more profits. Dava Infotech has the best and most widely used Inventory and Accounting Management Software that is taking care of thousands of Pharmacys.

"DavaPlus" helps retail chemists, distributors and C & F agencies in pharmaceuticals trade to automate their business operations. This is windows based user-friendly package with Standalone / LAN / Bar code / Hospital module. Every pharmaceuticals chemists, stockists and C & F agent, can bank on "Dava Plus" user friendly and operationally efficient software.

Our software product "DavaPlus" will help clients to computerize all business functions such as:

Computerized sales bills, Sales management,  Purchase management, Inventory management, Financial accounting management,Management reports,Goods expiry management,Client relationship management ,

Genuine Windows based Software having Multiuser, Internet & Barcode facility.

We have been in business for many years and have thousands of customers.


 Dava Plus 4.0 Features